About Sangtin

Sangtin is a collective that works with rural farmer-labourers in Sitapur and Hardoi districts, Uttar Pradesh, India. These farmer-labourers (both women and men) are predominantly Dalit, own marginal landholdings, and have little formal education. Sangtin has worked to improve the capacities of these ‘Saathis’ and develop their leadership skills. More fundamentally, it demands that these marginalized communities be treated with respect by the state and society.

Sangtin has advocated for livelihoods through the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) since its inception and ensured the provision of foodgrains through the National Food Security Act (NFSA) for the most vulnerable families in the region. It campaigns for the effective and just implementation of government programs and has been conducting skill- and confidence-building activities with youth from disadvantaged families. Finally, Sangtin has been promoting millet-based mixed farming and the consumption of locally grown nutritious foods in the local community.

Vision and Mission

Sangtin envisions a society that is free of any kind of discrimination. A society that doesn’t discriminate on the basis of caste, class, religion, and gender. Sangtin believes that for the liberation of people, it is important for every individual to be self-confident. And that every individual becomes socially, economically, politically, and ideologically strong and secure.

The marginalized section can recognize their full potential and contribute towards the emancipation of society. But It is tough for them to raise their voices for their rights and issues individually therefore it’s imperative that they come together and get organized. Sangtin aims that the process of collective struggle keeps moving forward in a way that gives everyone the space to voice out their opinions, listen and think. Thus, empowering the marginalized population and taking further steps towards the development of society.

Team members

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